TV & Satellite

TV & Satellite

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Communal Satellite Distribution Systems

There are several options for satellite installations, and depending on the size of the project and what is required, Seen Security can provide:


IRS (Integrated Reception System) requires a TV, FM and DAB aerial and a satellite dish. Signals are combined then distributed to a number of individual offices, apartments or rooms to provide a wide range of services. With Fibre Optic IRS, copper cables are replaced with new fibre optic cabling. Fibre has the advantages that it can transport more information over greater distances, it’s lighter, and the cables are smaller. As glass does not conduct electricity, there are no earthing requirements.


FTTB or FTTP (Fibre To The Building / Premises) is a type of fibre optic cable installation where the fibre goes to a certain point on a shared property and then separate cabling connects individual homes, offices or rooms. Seen Security can provide fibre optical broadband connections for your building.


MATV (Master Antenna Television) Systems are a means by which many apartment blocks, hotels, schools and other multi-unit buildings distribute TV and FM signals (UHF, FM and DAB) to a number of receivers.


SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) Systems involve a single outdoor antenna feeding to number of indoor units. It is the best method of supplying and controlling the number and type of TV and FM channels to multiple televisions. SMATV provides reception of DBS TV/FM channels for hotels, schools, student accommodation, hospitals and commercial properties with multiple tenants.

Satellite Dish Installation Service & Repair

As well providing a Communal Satellite Distribution System installation service, Seen Security also operates a Satellite Repair & Maintenance service. As part of the installation process we will draw up a comprehensive maintenance plan for your system, which you can take up upon completion as an optional extra. We can also inspect and service any existing satellite dish installation so you can be sure they are properly installed and maintained to the highest standards. For more information visit our Service & Maintenance page.