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Seen Security provide numerous services catering for many different sectors.


Your home is one the most important assets in your life, so it is important that it is adequately protected. Seen Security provide solutions to secure residential premises, giving you the peace of mind that your most valuable asset is protected.

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Industrial & Commercial

It is essential that only authorised individuals should be able to access a building quickly and easily while making sure that unauthorised individuals cannot. Seen Security have over 15 years’ experience securing a wide range of premises, from small single sites, to commercial and national organisations. By integrating access control/alarm systems, video analytics and other functions within the business, we can increase efficiency and simplify estate management.


Seen Security are a recognised installer of market leading security systems within the NHS and healthcare sectors; we understand the demanding working environment that hospitals provide and the importance of providing scalable cost effective solutions which are future-proof.


We understand the working environment that schools and colleges provide and the importance of providing scalable cost effective solutions, which are future-proof and secure.

Retail & Leisure

The ability to display your products openly yet securely is essential to delivering the desired customer experience and remaining competitive in a tough marketplace.

Seen Security look further, using the same systems that provide security to help you understand how many people enter your stores each day, how and why they become paying customers, and how conversion can be increased.

We offer a full range of solutions that add security to products and retail premises without creating barriers to sales, and can deliver the business intelligence you need to increase sales and improve efficiency.

Effective security and efficient asset management are crucial to the smooth running or business operations within the leisure sector.

Seen Security work with numerous hospitality and specialist facilities management companies, helping to secure premises and protect people without impacting on the customer experience.

By incorporating sophisticated asset management systems, we can also provide powerful new tools to monitor and improve operational activity.


Seen Security specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of communications and security systems, specifically for the rail with a vast knowledge of both London Underground and Network Rail infrastructures.